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Hello all, welcome to my little corner on the Internet

First things first:
I live in the Netherlands and English is not my native language, so maybe I make some spelling mistakes here and there or some semantic errors, so please don’t let it get to you!

My name is Eric Drijver.
I am a 51 year old acoustic guitarist from Holland.
At the age of ten I got my first guitar, and I started playing simple songs.

I switched to electric guitar when I was about 15 and I played electric (heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix) through all my teen years.

When I was 22 I stopped playing, because I was going nowhere with my music.
I did not play seriously until much, much later when I stumbled upon Tommy Emmanuel. A world of musical wonder opened up for me and I switched back to acoustic guitar.

My playing style is influenced by Tommy Emmanuel, Graig D'Andrea, Antoine Dufour, Andy McKee, Adam Rafferty, etc.

My Music

Here are my music videos on Youtube.

You smile in my thoughts


Ebony and Ivory (cover)



Autumn Leaves (cover)


Just for fun

When it rains

Richwood Dance

Memory Lane